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・We do not provide direct business to individual customers.
・We do not deal with an order for our products regarding direct shipment to overseas destinations.


Where can I buy a Brack Thunder Ice Cream?
Black Thunder Ice Cream is a product that we have commissioned Seria Roile Co., Ltd. to manufacture and sell, so we are not able to respond to your request. For inquiries about the product and dealers that handle it, please access the Seria Roile’s official website below.
Is it possible to create my original package?
We do not handle such a request by ourselves, but we outsource the creation, sale of original packages, and the operation of the site to geminium Co., Ltd. For details, please visit the following website or call the geminium’s Customer Support Center.
■Inquiries about My Black Thunder
Reception hours 10:00-17:00  Mon thru Fri except for public holidays
Please tell me about the sales region of Yuraku Confectionery’s products.
Please check our "Sales Area Map" in the following link (https://www.yurakuseika.co.jp/lineup/area.html) as some products may be sold only in limited regions. There are certain stores and shops that do not handle our products. In case you cannot find our products in the store, kindly ask the store directly about the availability of products.
Can I visit and see your factory?
We have factories in Kodaira City in Tokyo, Toyohashi City in Aichi, and Sapporo City in Hokkaido, but none of them are equipped with a factory tour route for visitors.
For this reason, we do not allow the public to visit our factories. We are sorry about the inconvenience to those who wish to visit our factories and appreciate their understanding as well since it is a measure to ensure thorough product management in the factories.
The chocolate turned white, is it safe to eat it?
When chocolate is placed at a high temperature (28 degrees C or higher), the cocoa butter melts and rises to the surface, and then when it cools and hardens, it becomes white and powdery. This phenomenon is called “blooming” and is unique to chocolate. It is safe to eat, but the flavor may be inferior. To prevent blooming, store chocolate in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
How should I store chocolate?
Avoid direct sunlight and places with high humidity, and store chocolate in a cool and dark place with good ventilation where the temperature is kept at 28 degrees C or less.
When storing chocolate in the refrigerator, the smell of other foods is easily transferred to it, so put it in plastic wrap or a tightly sealed bag, etc., and consume it as soon as possible after opening the package, regardless of a shelf life of the product.
I want to buy a product such as Deluxe Milk Chocolate, how do I buy it?
Please visit the "Official Online Shop" (https://shop.yurakuseika.co.jp/) operated by our company or place the order via toll-free call 0120-987-813.
Reception hours: 9:00-17:00 (closed on Sundays, public holidays, and some irregular holidays)
You can also use the service from your mobile phone.
Does Black Thunder use ingredients containing alcohol or of animal origin?
Black Thunder does not contain any animal-derived ingredients except for milk and does not contain alcohol either.
Please note there are certain Black Thunder series products that do use animal-derived ingredients other than milk and eggs.
For details, please call the helpline provided in this page.
There was an individual package with no contents in the family series. Should I send the goods to your company?
If the amount of the purchased product meets the weight indicated on the back display, you do not need to send it.
The Family Series uses an automatic packaging machine to wrap products, and if there is a shortage of products flowing into the packaging machine, empty bags may be produced. The content is inspected again by an automatic inspection machine, and even if an empty bag is mixed in the outer bag, please be assured that there is no possibility that the content will be short of weight.
There were products that did not contain the standard number of pieces in a bag. May I return the product to your company as a defective product?
Since we control products based on their weights, the standard number of pieces is indicated only as a guide, and there is a possibility that the number of pieces in a bag will be short of the indicated standard number. Meanwhile, the product will be a non-conforming one if it does not meet the weight described on the back display. In case you find such a non-conformance in the product that you have bought, we would appreciate it if you could send it to us.

About inquiries by email

Please contact us using the inquiry form provided below.

  • While we will look at all your comments and questions, there may be occasions when it requires us some time to reply to you, or we are not able to answer your questions. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding in advance as well if such cases occur.
    Also, please note that we may call you directly to ask for further information if we receive a notification of defective items, etc.
    ※Please refrain from diverting or reprinting e-mails sent from us.
  • The personal information of customers obtained through the inquiry form below will be strictly managed in accordance with our privacy policy and will be used only for our works (e.g., replying, contacting, etc.) related to the customer inquiries.
  • Please cross-check your email address in the inquiry form before sending it to us, as we may not be able to respond in case you enter a wrong address.

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