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Management Philosophy

We aim to create the delicious, inexpensive confections of your dreams.

In order to produce confections that thrill our customers with their great flavor:

  1. We shall create new impressions and pleasure through unique approaches and techniques.
  2. We shall always abide by business ethics, strive to preserve the global environment, and contribute to society.
  3. We shall ensure proper profit levels, support self-empowerment and growth of employees, and plan for limitless company expansion.

We are proceeding on the basis of these three principles in order to achieve our management philosophy.

Quality Policy

  1. We shall abide by laws and company rules to provide safe and reliable products for our customers.
  2. We shall develop warm, friendly human relationships so that all employees are united in our efforts to improve quality.
  3. We shall deal sincerely with customers, pursuing the same quality our customers desire in order to please both them and ourselves.

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