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Distribution business

Yuraku which was founded in 1955 has always been making sweets that impress consumers. In particular, "Black Thunder" released in 1994, due to its appealing taste, price, container, created a new food scene with handy snack and created a new market separate from the existing chocolate. From now on, we aim for the national cuisine familiar to everyone, from children to adults, and will continue to make new proposals that match the times.

Tourism business

It is a business division which manufactures souvenir confectionery mainly in the area where factory of Yuraku confectionery is located. Offering various products of raw material and package design unique to that area such as 'White Black Thunder' limited by Hokkaido and 'Tokyo Black Thunder' limited by Kanto, 'Toyohashi Black Thunder Minibar' packaged in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture doing. We offer special experiences through souvenir confectionery and we will help you create memories of everyone.

Special sales business

It is the business department that aims to strengthen and expand directly managed store management and mail order business. We strive to make use of the position closest to consumers among business divisions and reflect customer's opinions in service and products. Two directly operated stores (Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture / Kodaira-shi, Tokyo) create stores with special characteristics. In the mail-order business, we value our customers who are patronized for many years, and we are also concentrating on e-commerce such as our EC site.

Foreign operation

For Yuraku Confectionery which has sold most products so far in Japan, overseas business is a challenge to new fields. Since 2017, we have established a joint venture company in Singapore and Taiwan with local companies as a full-scale foothold for overseas business. In the future, we will strengthen sales in Taiwan and work with overseas production and sales of Black Thunder, our first company in Indonesia's local factory, with joint venture partners.

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