packaging transformation

First design. Black Thunder was born in 1994 at Toyohashi factory. Second design. The first package was written in alphabet letters. The design was associated with the cocoa cookie used, therefore the word gBlackh was the keyword for the product. @The first renewal of Black Thunder was done in 2000. The advertising slogan gOishisa Inazuma Kyuh (*The tastiness/deliciousness is of lightning level) was first added to the packaging.@Third design. The second renewal of Black Thunder was done in August 2003(current design). Product name was changed from alphabet letters to Katakana. Fouth design (current design) . The third renewal of Black Thunder done in September 2017. Renewed the package to a more stylish and agile design while keeping a good visibility of gblack, gold and red that is unique to Black Thunder. Phrase gPower up! is added to the productfs copy as the productfs flavor itself is renewed as well.

Sales number

Year 2003 Packaging renewal@Year 2005 Start of sales throughout the year@Year 2006 Published in gSeikyou no Shiraishi sanh (Shiraishi san of Saikyou)@Year 2008 Beijing Olympic@Year 2012 London Olympic

Manufacturing process

The main ingredients for Black Thunder are chocolate, plain biscuit and cocoa cookie.@Chocolate, plain biscuit and cocoa cookie are mixed together and shaped into long bars. The bars are cut into designated size and coat with chocolate.@The coated chocolate are cooled thoroughly and then packed into small packages. The small packages are then packed into small boxes. The small boxes are then packed into big boxes and are finally ready for delivery. It's delivered to all place!